Malibu Visitor’s Center

The Official Malibu Visitors Center is supported by Malibu Gives.

The Expansion & Development of Art, Wellness & Community in Malibu & Beyond.

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The Malibu Visitor’s Center is a centralized point for local business support & awareness, fire safety & community events information in Malibu. The MVC will provide best practices to experience our great city.

The Malibu Visitor’s Center is where Giving & Retail Blend. Giving local Entrepreneurs & Artists the opportunity to create support and fund.

A prerequisite for all items exhibited in the Malibu Visitor’s Center : 10% – 100% of proceeds are donated to purposeful causes and non-profits both in Malibu & Beyond.

The Malibu Visitor’s Center proposed space is 86o square feet located at the The Park in Cross Creek, * Unit 3B between Howdy’s and Sorenity Rocks Malibu.

Malibu Visitor’s Center Designated Areas

Local Business Support: Via informational screens/boards to drive traffic to local businesses & generate greater awareness throughout our 21 miles of Malibu.

Calendar of Events: Highlighting up-to-the-minute happenings by Local Businesses, Malibu City, Malibu Chamber of Commerce, Fire Safety, Schools, Parks & Recreation.

Book Nook: Highlighting Local Malibu Authors in a comfortable, cozy space for all ages to read and learn.

Private Mailbox Service (CMRA: Commercial Mail Receiving Agency)

Entrepreneur/Artist & Retail: A place for both established and new artists to exhibit their work while supporting the community through creative retail merchandising & rotating art exhibits.

Hologram & Virtual Reality Stations: Visitors can experience past and present Malibu including “surfing the waves” and “hiking the trails” via immersive interactive technology as well as “Malibu memorabilia” on display.

Volunteer Programs: A place for both locals and visitors to learn more about giving & experiencing in Malibu.

Featured Friends of the Malibu Visitors Center

Proposed Employees and Volunteers for the Malibu Visitor’s Center

  • Veterans
  • Malibu Concierge with Malibu Seniors
  • First Responders – Active & Retired
  • High School & College Student Volunteer Program
  • Internships for Community Service Hours
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