The Donut Shop

The Donut Shop Legacy

The Donut Shop is a Broadway-bound play that tackles the eating epidemics of our current world. An Anorexic, A Bulimic and An Over-Eater get Locked in a Donut Shop. This sets the stage for a compelling and comedic story as the characters evolve from the paralysis of denial and stigma of stereotypes. “The Donut Shop is a wellness tool that helps those suffering to realize they are not alone. The experience of reading the play by yourself or with friends creates the opportunity for both laughter and healing. It provides a forum for those suffering and their loved ones to explore a variety of healing solutions that create effective results.” said Lenise Soren, Development Producer of the play.           

This wellness play focuses on one of the most severe and often not discussed challenges of our time. Eating disorders afflict individuals of all ages, races, ethnicities, and genders.  The Donut Shop donates 50% of the proceeds to wellness initiatives supporting and empowering those challenged with eating disorders.  To start the conversation in your family, school, youth group or community, visit the Donut Shop website.


The Donut Shop will Entertain, Educate, and Enlighten “It’s just another “normal” day at THE DONUT SHOP, home to the HOG, Zagat’s #1 tasting donut. JENN, the quick-witted, over-achieving employee of the month, serves KATE, the attractive and powerful radio show producer who skillfully barks orders on her cell as JENN eavesdrops in awe. All the while, the OVER-EATER is content, munching on her HOGS, reading tabloid trash and listening to her iPod. BUT WAIT!  Who is that gorgeous guy in the corner? MIKE, who JENN and KATE go gaa gaa over, is a down-on-his-luck small business owner who’s been swallowed up by big business and is desperate for answers. As desperate times call for desperate measures or divine intervention, the security gate comes crashing down and trapping these four unlikely souls until sunrise. With tension high, Indian tech support awry, and nowhere left to hide, the innermost secrets, fears, and addictions explode, creating unexpected healings and revelations.

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