An Anorexic,
A Bulimic &
An Over-Eater
get locked in a
Donut Shop.



Thank you for your purchase of
The Donut Shop. More than 50% is donated to wellness initiatives.

The Donut Shop download includes:

  • A digital download of the play.

  • An interview with the writer.

  • Discussion questions to help launch conversations with friends, educators & parents.

  • $5 coupon to apply toward purchases from The Donut Shop Shop

Tips to enhance your Donut Shop experience:

  • We suggest in most cases reading the play all in one sitting, to become more fully immersed in the play.

  • Have your friends download the play, cast the roles, and read in a group.

  • Post & share highlights of your Donut Shop experience.

  • Be sure to use the hashtag #TheDonutShopThePlay in all your Donut Shop posts on social media!


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