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armory of harmony


There are more firearms in the United States than humans beings. Over 389 million are in the hands of everyday citizens, twice the number in the possession of every law enforcement and military in the world. Of this number, hundreds of thousands that are no longer wanted, deactivated or decommissioned. Unless they are disposed of properly, they are susceptible to fall into the wrong hands and used in violent crimes.

Simultaneously, due to lack of funds for the arts, there aren’t enough musical instruments to support a national K-12 music program - giving kids an opportunity to be apart of something bigger than themselves. Studies have shown that schools with music programs have higher attendance and graduation rates and lower incidents of violence than those without.

Armory of Harmony is a 501c3 non profit founded by musicians to repurpose guns into working musical instruments and to support safe strong school music programs. We are working with partners to actively transform thousands of weapons into instruments - from trumpets to guitars to kalimbas. These up-cycled instruments are used by major recording artists on stage and on albums and will be donated to schools across America.

Funds raised are also used to support and kickstart music education programs. We are also developing special musician to musician programs with high schools - if you are a school that would like to get involved, contact us.

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