Mental Health Acting Class

Transformative Plays Acting Class
in the MALIBU GIVES Sanctuary

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A warm up of personal growth Exercises and acting techniques using your intellect & intuition. You will effortlessly release stress, expand creativity, center ground and set intentions.

Learn deeper relaxation, heightened focus and create more comfort within your own skin while finding the power of your voice.

Work on obstacles in your own life by role play improv and scene study with TransformativePlays.

Each person will be given a scene or scenes to explore from Supplying Mental Health, Fun and Laughs

Each class will end with an interactive Crystal Sound bath sitting in on or around the largest crystals in the world.

All proceeds support the printing of and audible


"The TransformativePlays acting class contained all the elements! I was taken into a grounded place where my instinct and emotions were readily available. I thoroughly enjoy this class and look forward to many more."

- Donavan High, Owner of Higher Studios

“As a first time actor, the class was extremely helpful in understanding the fundamentals of acting. The different exercises gave great insight into the nuances of acting and portrayals of the truest of emotions”

-Monotone, Hip Hop Artist

"Attending Lenise’s acting workshop, I immediately noted the way she is capable through various exercises, of guiding actors from diverse backgrounds intuitively into their characters’ motivations and feelings more thoroughly than merely a cold read of a script. It was refreshing to be shown pragmatic action-based methods of galvanizing genuine character emotion with enhanced delivery, and natural story-progression response, though exercises that really cut to the chase.

With Lenise’s guidance arising from her many years of experience in the industry, I found myself immediately tapping into character roles and scripted situations in a direct way, nuancing characteristics of expression with through her gentle and compassionate direction, while also infusing and supporting improvisational methods tapping into workshop members innate abilities and talent.

Not only were my fellow participants and I experiencing our enthusiasm levels grow for the craft with each passing minute of the session, I also left having received universal insight and techniques which can be applied in any situation - on or off the stage. Infused with laughter and candor, the session was eye-opening and awe-inspiring, leaving me both creatively charged, and in a state of wonder at the magical moments revealed through Miss Sorén’s refined skill set in teaching. An excellent coach, I recommend Lenise’s workshop to rookies and  industry veterans alike. The presence of the rather large crystals in the environment enhanced the experience, and the doors of creativity were flung wide open with ease, in the context of the genuinely supportive environment Miss Sorén masterfully created across the evening. This palpable sense of support was constructive, and informed me on techniques applicable not only to actors, but also directors, animators and writers, that enable artists to dive deeper to bring out their best performances, to the benefit of the entire production. Five out of five stars! Highly recommended!"

- Erin Johnson, BFA, Performing Artist, Post-Producer

All donations & proceeds are donated to MALIBU GIVES 501c3 Supporting Expansion & Development of Art, Wellness & Community in Malibu & Beyond.

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The MALIBU GIVES Crystal Sanctuary

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