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I'm Blythe
I’m an entrepreneur, inventor, writer, actress, chef, natural lifestyle expert, metaphysician, wife and mother. Whoever said you can’t do it all was wrong!
I will show you how to thrive in health, happiness and beauty. I will teach you how to prepare with ease the highest vibration foods for yourself and your family, foods with transformative power. We truly are what we EAT and THINK, it’s time to SUPER-food and SUPER-think it up for optimal life expression."
We now have sciences that show us our psychology creates our biology. There will always be more to learn, both from what already exists in human consciousness and what has yet to be discovered. Epigenetics and neuroplasticity have basically rendered old thought obsolete that diseases are genetic codes that we have little control over, (which is the context much of the medical industry operates within).  Neuroplasticity is showing us, with powerful instruments, how neural pathways are built in the brain by our thoughts and emotions. These thoughts and emotions also translate in the body as chemicals that either build the immune system or break it down, as well as instruct a gamut of metabolic functions. This is wonderful to understand. It gives us a path and tangible power in creating the health and physical agility we desire. We can heal, from anything.
~ Dr. Blythe ~
Blythe is an entrepreneur, inventor, writer, actress, chef, natural lifestyle expert, metaphysician, wife and mother. She began learning about the power of foods to heal the body in 2006, and hasn't been able to stop sharing the wealth. Blythe views food as vibration/energy and aims to teach others the power so many have found in this wisdom.

Protection Against School Shootings and Violence

Killers are not born; they are made. Humans are hardened into hate by not being loved or feeling loved. Their desperate need to create significance for themselves impels them to lash out and inflict pain on others. According to ABC News (Dec. 13th 2019), mass shootings, (defined by 3 or more deaths) happen every two weeks in the United States. School shootings comprise 4% of those mass shootings.  Imagine how this terrible reality might be changed if we were to teach our youth unconditional self love and unconditional love and acceptance of others. I propose that we teach them in a real way, with a real model, that’s both exciting and nurturing to them.  

Unconditional self love is a set of skills and awarenesses that results in a peaceful and fulfilling life experience. Self love provides the basis for a Culture of Kindness.  A Culture of Kindness in our schools will not only help insure their safety now, but will also serve to provide them with a foundation that leads to a much healthier adult life. 

Kids need to be taught how incredible their bodies and minds are. The technology of their eyes, all of their senses, their nervous systems, their digestive systems, all the systems of their bodies, are so completely jaw droppingly masterful. Kids need to be taught to appreciate the fact that their minds and bodies are powerful. They are often stripped of feeling powerful by well meaning parents and authorities, which can lead them down a road to disempowerment, depression, despair. How much different would our lives be as adults had we learned in youth how brilliant the human design technology is? How much less depression, obesity, and insanity would there be?  Our bodies know how to create new organs and bones, turnover and regenerate cells, how to masterfully calibrate and coordinate trillions of intricate reactions on a cellular level every day. Why aren’t we teaching our kids basic human design information that allows them to take control of their present and future health in a massively more empowered way? 

Understanding our innate abilities as human beings is one aspect of unconditional self love. When we become aware of the actual brilliance and power innate in our bodies, minds and spirits, love begins to flourish within us. And when we see ourselves as the extension of source energy that we are, we must see everyone else that way too. When we gain an understanding of the astounding genius inherent in our own human design technology, we can perceive and appreciate that same technology at work in others. When we are secure in ourselves, we let others be who they are without judgement or ridicule. This is especially relevant for our youth, who are under tremendous pressure to ‘fit in’, and where failing to do so can result in devastating emotional and social consequences. 

Let me help define a Culture of Kindness for your students. School should be a place that is fun, inspiring, nurturing, inclusive of every student, and above all, safe. In a Culture of Kindness, no student feels excluded in any way. A Culture of Kindness is one in which every single student is aware of the innate brilliance within themselves and therefore all other students. When kids tune into this, the change in the quality of the energy in the halls and classrooms is palpable. This alone is a powerful shift.  A school culture where everyone is free to be as unique or quirky or as mainstream as they choose, a culture in which all students are aware of their personal energy and how their energy affects the whole and are proud to contribute beautiful energy to that shared space, a school culture that creates a safe space for students to be heard in a mutually respectful and peaceful exchange, is the basis for a better world. 

The Culture of Kindness talk includes:

  •  a few remarkable facts about the Human Design Technology
  •  the importance of uniqueness
  •  kindness matters: mean or rude behavior always stems from insecurity
  •  unconditional self love 101
  •  unconditional love and acceptance of others

If you are interested in booking a talk at your school or organization, please send a request email to

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