HOPE Home Ownership for Personal Empowerment
HOPE's mission is to create stable, affordable
options for people with developmental disabilities.

The value of empowering individuals to live as active and contributing members of their community is at the very heart of HOPE. Moreover, there’s no doubt that living life as independently as possible and having a place to call home, changes people’s lives.

HOPE partners with Regional Centers to offer a variety of housing programs. Regional Centers are private, nonprofit corporations that contract with the State Department of Developmental Services to provide or coordinate services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities that include autism, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, and epilepsy.

Since 1995 HOPE’s housing has allowed people with developmental disabilities to live a life they may have only dreamed. Whether residing in our independent living, 24 hour residential care, or college-to-career homes, HOPE’s tenants are making their dreams come true.

"Theater has always been used a device to encourage reflection, evoke emotion, and promote introspection...now we have Transformative Plays, an extremely accessible tool for all ages—from high school-age children to seniors—to engage in the important work of self-healing and self-discovery.  Healing of Self leads to healing of the world. And through the process of healing we are able to then cast our gaze outward to wholely work to tackle the social justice issues that confront our world today. 

Transformative plays help teens struggling with these issues, as well as adults with scars from their past or present. I encourage teachers, parents, and other group leaders to use these plays in their daily healing and education work, to help this and future generations emerge victorious from the issues that confront so many of us.

The profit sharing method of Transformative Plays is an inspiring way for consumers to immediately support important social justice work that is already happening in our communities.  Selecting HOPE, Inc. as your identified cause and with your donation we will work to create, maintain, and preserve affordable housing for some of the most systemically marginalized and under-served people in our communities."

-Kristin Martin

HOPE Executive Director

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