Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company

pikesville volunteer fire company
  • The mission of the Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company is to prevent or minimize the loss of life and damage to property from the effects of fire, medical emergencies and hazardous conditions in a manner that is cost-effective and efficient, and that honors the goals of teamwork, integrity, excellence and diversity. PVFC is accountable to the public it serves, its members, and any fire service organizations with which it interacts.

  • PVFC has five overall goals and objectives. First, PVFC aims to provide leadership and support to enable the company to accomplish its mission. PVFC promotes safe and peaceful communities and undertakes fire safety education. PVFC members serve as role models for young people through hosting events at the fire station and outreach to schools.

  • Second, PVFC is committed to evolving as an organization to continually meet the needs and demand of our community, citizens and visitors. Every PVFC members treats each individual in the public and all PVFC members with respect, dignity, and equality.

  • Third, PVFC provides the highest level of emergency response consistent with identified community needs and expectations.

  • Fourth, PVFC supports its members to undergo challenging training and education that is current and effective, enabling the fire company to achieve its mission. A strong culture of mentoring supports PVFC's environment of life-long learning.

  • Finally, PVFC provides and maintains both a state-of-the-art fleet of fire service vehicles and a first class facility with the proper amenities required for the membership. PVFC is currently undertaking a building expansion that will facilitate and enhance PVFC's capacity to serve its community.


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