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Helpful for those struggling with :  Abandonment, Anxiety, Depression, Domestic Violence, Fear, Feeling Alone, Gender Expression, Guilt, Letting Go of the Past, Mental Illness, Racism, Rascist Relatives, Self-Worth, Self-Love, Suicidal Thoughts.

A chance encounter at a bus stop on the beach in Malibu changes two stranger's very different lives forever. Serendipitous moments appear predestined...

A Transformative Play by Carl Stillitano.



“I recommend reading ‘An Act of Kindness in the BU’ for college students as a tool for balance. I’ve never read a play like this. It was more like an experience than reading. It was easy to comprehend and connect to. I felt a sense of growth after reading ‘An Act of Kindness in the BU’. I’ve read Shakespeare for school, but never appreciated a play like this. The way it is written is very modern, and references social issues that are relevant right now. It is so easy to get caught up in the stress and anxiety of college pressures; when reading this play it reminds us that we are not alone, and there are support
systems of people who can help you.”

-Rin Takahashi
Junior, International Student, Pepperdine University


"It is so profoundly important that everything we do, everything we absorb have a healing affect, especially in today’s climate as the world changes at a frenetic speed. “Act Of Kindness” was such a refreshing read with life lessons woven into the fabric of the play. It reminded me of the bedtime stories that I would improvise for my daughter, intentionally creating hidden gems that hopefully taught her life lessons that would nourish her subconscious. Even at 28 years old, she still remembers them. Hey, that was my intention. I hope these plays become an indelible part of every reading list for kids and young adults. What a gift of healing that would be."

-Kudisan Kai, Recording Artist & Backing Vocalist

“I was touched at the tenderness of humanity and understanding of a stranger. May we all take a pause to offer help when it’s needed. May we all take a pause to accept help when we need it.”

-Julie Avila, Reiki & Yoga Nidra Practitioner